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Regular meeting of Serbian Medical Society Surgical Section at Belgrade, Serbia 21. 12.2012.

Published on 3. December 2012., in Sastanci.


At Belgrade, Serbia on 21. December 2012. a meeting of Serbian Medical Society Surgical Section will take place, organized by Clinic for Urgent Surgery, Urgent Center of Serbian Clinical Center. Meeting is dedicated to 25th universary of Clinic for Urgent Surgery. Happening will take place at “Sava Center”, street Milentija Popovića at Belgrade, Serbia. For all the participans a gala lunch is organised at restaurant in “Sava Center”, after the official program. Meeting has been acredited and brings 11 to lectuers and  5 poens to audience. Meeting plan:

10,00 h Annual assembly of Serbian Medical Association Surgical Section 

10,30 h Opening ceremony, report on activities of Serbian Medical Association Surgical Section during the year 2012, Prof. N. Stanković


1. LIVER TRAUMA, Mr Đukić MD, Mr V, Karamarković A MD, Mr Lončar Z MD, Mr Savić P. MD, Mr Micić D MD, Mr Mijaljica D MD. Medical School, University of Belgrade. Clinic for Urgent Surgery, Urgent Center, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade 

2. PANCREATIC TRAUMA, Mr BStefanović MD, Mr A. Karamarković MD, Mr KDoklestić MD, Mr SMijatović MD, Mr ZLončar MD, Mr MLevićanin MD. Medical School, University of Belgrade. Clinic for Urgent Surgery, Urgent Center, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade 

3. SURGICAL TRETAMENT OF BLEEDING ULCER, Mr Željko Laušević MD, Mr Miodrag Gvozdenović MD, Mr Goran Vuković MD, Mr Robert Kostić MD. Medical School, University of Belgrade. Clinic for Urgent Surgery, Urgent Center, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade

4. MINIMAL BLOOD LOSS DURING LIVER RESECTION (VIDEO), Mr Karamarković A. MD, Mr Đukić V. MD, Mr Stefanović B. MD, Mr Bumbaširević V. MD, Mr Mihajlović V. MD, Mr Doklestić K. MD, Mr Petrović N. MD. Medical School, University of Belgrade. Clinic for Urgent Surgery, Urgent Center, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade fakultet 

5. RUPTURED ABDOMINAL AORTIC ANEURYSM – EXPERIENCE AFTER 1000 CASES,  Mr Miroslav Marković MD1,2, Mr Dušan Kostić MD1,2, Mr Ilijas Činara MD 2, Mr Slobodan Cvetković MD 1,2, Mr Živan Maksimović MD. 1,2, Mr Ilija Kuzmanović MD. 2, Mr Siniša Pejkić MD, 2, Mr Nenad Jakovljević MD. 2, Mr Predrag Đorić MD 2, Mr Lazar Davidović MD1,2 1Medical school, Belgrade Unviersity, Serbia. 2 Clinic for Vascular and endovascular Surgery. Serbian Clinical Centre, Belgrade

6. SURGICAL TRETAMENT OF ACUTE NECROTIC PANCRETITIS, Mr Miomir Gvozdenović MD,  Mr Željko Laušević MD,  Mr Goran Vukojević MD, Mr Dušan BJovanović MD. Medical School, University of Belgrade. Clinic for Urgent Surgery, Urgent Center, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade 

7. SURGICAL TREATMENT OF KIDNEY CARCINOMA WITH TROMB INSIDE VEIN CAVA-OUR EXPERIENCE. Mr  Aleksandar Tomic MD, Mr Novak Milovic MD, Mr Radoje Ilic MD, Military Medical Accademy, Belgrade, Serbia

Discussion after the presentation.





One day working meeting of Romanina Surgical Society and Serbian Medical Society Surgical Section at Timisoara on 29. November 2012.

Published on 20. November 2012., in Sastanci.



Unfotunetly regular meeting of Romanian-Serbian surgical friendship, planed to take place at Craiova Rumunia, is postponed due to organisation reasons for March 2013. Just for contiunuity of our colaboration, in cooperation with Romanian surgical Society, a meeting is taking place at Timisoara, on November 29. 2012. It is a one day working meeting. The meeting is divided on two sesions:

Morning sesion:10.00 -11.20

10.00 -10.10      Rear Tumor of the Rectum. Dr Goran Stanojevic, Clincal Center of Nis

10.10 -10.20      Laparoscopic Surgery for Rectal Cancer– Dejeu G E, Macovei C, Maghiar A, Maghiar T, Ciurtin D, Suta A, Sfirlea M, Mihes N, Maghiar O, Spitalul Pelikan, Oradea

10.20 -10.30     GIST and Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Rectum - Goran Barisic, Zoran Krivokapic, First Surgical Clinic, Belgrade

10.30 -10.40    Digestive Mesenchimal Tumors – Late Results – IInd Surgical Clinic Experience – Prof Lazar Fulger – IInd Surgery Clinic SCUJ Timisoara

10.40 -10.50     MRI of Rectal Cancer-Questions to be Answered to the Surgeons.dr  Ivana Blazic

10.50 -11.00       Case Report – Cadaveric Renal Transplantation-Child as a Donor dr Aleksandar Tomic VMA

11.00 – 11.10      Conf Olaru -Romania

11.10-11.20        Craiova

11.30-12.00        State of the Art – Rectal Surgery – Prof Zoran Krivokapic

12.00-13.00 –     Lunch 

Afternoon sesion 13.00-15.30

13.00 – 13.10      One Day Surgery: Philosophy and Organization; Jelena  Petrovic, Zoran Krivokapic, First Surgical Clinic, Belgrade

13.10 -13.20     Hybrid Aortic Procedures, Overall Experience of Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Clinical Centre of Serbia;  Dr I. Banzic, Dr I. Cinara, Dr L. Davidovic, Dr I.Koncar, Dr M.Colic; Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Clinical Centre of Serbia

13.20 – 13.30      Surgical Treatment and Prognostic Factors of Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma; Ivan Paunovic1, Goran Zoric1, Aleksandar Diklic1, Nikola Slijepcevic1, Nevena Kalezic1, Vladan Zivaljevic1) Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

13.30 – 13.40      Simultanous Repair Of Abdominal Wall Hernias and Different Sites in Ambulatory Settings; Prof Marinko Zuvela

13.40 – 13.50        Laparocopic ColedocoscopyProf. Dr. A. Maghiar, Prof Dr T Maghiar, Dr. G. Dejeu, Dr. A. Suta, Dr. M Sfirlea, Dr. D Ciurtin, Dr. C Macovei, Dr. N Mihes; Spitalul Pelikan Oradea

13.50 – 14.00        Prof Ionac - Romania

14.00 – 14.10         Post-operative Morbidity and Mortality after Hepatic Resection. A Retrospective Study on 133 CasesO. Cretu (1), F. Hut (1), O. Mazilu (1), L. Sima (1), D. Iliescu (1), A. Blidisel (2), R. Tirziu (2), D. Stef (2), R. Dan (2) – (1) Spitalul Clinic Muncipal de Urgenta, Chirurgie Hepatica, Timisoara, Romania, (2) Spitalul Clinic Municipal de Urgenta, CHirurgie Generala de Urgenta, Timisoara, Romania

14.10 – 14.20     Hidatid Cyst – Open or Minimally Invasive Surgery – experience of the IInd Surgical Clinic; Duta C., Pantea S., Miclaus M., Dobrescu A., Lazar C., Roman R., Lazar F.; IInd Surgical Clinic – SCUJ Timisoara

14.20 -14.30 Prof Gaspar - Romania

   Transfer from Serbia is organised for lectuers and participans (starting on thrursday morning, returning at friday). Hotel accomodation is provided only for lectuers. All the other interesting in participating the event should contact on cell phone +38162264140 Mr Milan Jovanović MD.  Bus will start from the parking lot behind the First surgical Clinic at Belgrade, leaving at 5,00 in the morning on Thursday 29. Gathering place is  Hotel Continental North Star in the center of Timisoara at  10,00 hours by Romanian time. In the same street a fem houndred meters away is University of Medicine and Pharmacy. The meeting is taking place at Aula Magna conference hall. During the pause a lunch is organised for the participants at the University Restaurant.


Serbian Medical Society Surgical Chapter regular meeting at Belgrade, October 2012.

Along with regular activities of Serbian Medical Society Surgical Chapter, in October 2012. at Belgrade, Serbia, a VIII bianual International Symposium of Coloproctology is held. Symposium President is Prof. Zoran Krivokapic, MD, FRCS, FACS. This outstanding international meeting happenes at Belgrade, Sava Center, 11 – 13. October 2012. Participation is confirmed by 30 lectuerers:  Steven Wexner, Mariana Berho, Aleksandar Stojadinović (USA), John Nicholls, Bill Heald, Ronan O’Connell (UK), Giusto Pignata, Giovanni Romano, Santoro Giulio Aniello  (Italija); Alexandar Herold (Nemačka),  Andrew Zbar (Izrael), Ho-Kyung Chun (Korea), Bela Teleky, Irene Kuhrer (Austrija); Yuri Shelygin, Evgeny Ribakov,Igor Pravosudov (Rusija), Tomas Skrička (Češka), Irinel Popiesku (Rumunija), Mehmet Ayhan Kuzu (Turska),  Evaghelos Xynos (Grčka), Pravin J. Gupta (Indija),  Adam Dziki, MarekSzczepkowski (Poljska), Lars Pahlman (Švedska), Eva Csatar, Laszlo Damjanovich  (Mađarska), Yves Panis, Alex Duval (Francuska).  We expect 250 foreign gests, and 450 medical doctors from Serbia. 


Regular meeting of Serbian Medical Society Surgical Chapter at Novi Pazar on 21. September 2012.

On 21. of September, year 2012, a regular meeting of Serbian Medical Soiciety Surgical Chapter will take place at Novi Pazar Serbia. Participans will start gathering at 09,00 a.m. at Cetre of Culture. Official opening starts at 11,00 a.m. sharp. Society assembly meets a half an hour previosly. A lunch for all the members is planed at 15,00 p.m. in the restaurant of Hotel Vrbak. Transportation for the members from Belgrade starts at 06,30 a.m. from the parking place behind the Fisrt Surgical Clinic. Accom. reservations: Hotel Vrbak: +38120-314-844, Hotel Cannes: +38120-315-003, Hotel Tadž: +38120-316-838, Hotel Denis: +38120-360-120, Hotel Atlas: +38120-316-352, Hotel Palma: +38120-335-400, Hotel Oxa: +38120-371-381, Hotel Sopoćani: +38120-313-663. Simposijum is accredited and brings 11 p. for lectuers and  5 p. for participans. This is the working part scenario:

1. “Breast cancer- our study for period 2009-2011″. Mr Avdo Ćeranić MD,Mr Džemail Detanac MD,  Mr Sinan Marovac MD, Mr Siniđa Filipović MD, Mr Omer Biševac MD,  Surgical dpt. Gen. Hospital at Novi Pazar, Serbia

2. “Pancreatic Insulinoma”, Prof  Ivan Paunović Md,PhD, Prof  Aleksandar Diklić MD, PhD, Mr Vladan Živaljević MD, Prof Nevena Kalezić MD, PhD, Mrs Milena Kažić MD,  Mr Goran Zorić MD, MrsVera Sabljak MD, Clinic for Endocrine surgery, Clinical Centre of Serbia, Belgrade

3. “Peripheral artery injuries”, Prof  Lazar Davidović MD, PhD,  Clinic for vacular and Enfdovascular surgery,  Clinical Centre of Serbia, Belgrade

4. “Sentinel limph node biopsy in case of diferented thyreoid carcinoma and decision fro selective modified radical neck disection”. Prof  Radan Džodić MD, PhD, Mr Ivan Marković MD, Mr Igor Đurišić MD, Mr Marko Buta MD, Mr Marko Jeftić MD, Mr Merima Oruči MD, Mrs Zorka Inić MD, Mrs Zorka Milovanović MD, Mrs Gordana Pupić MD, Institut for Radiology and Oncology, Serbia, Beograde

5. “Surgical tretatment of liver injuries”,Prof Aleksandar Karamarković MD, PhD, Mr V. Mihailović MD, Mr K. Doklestić MD, Mr N. Petrović MD, Clinic for Urgent Surgery Clinical Centre of Serbia

6. “ZImprotance of axillar lymph node disection in patients with malignant breast tumors”, Mr Momčilo Inić MD. PhD, Institute for  Radiology and Oncologyof  Serbia

7. “Opstraction and perforation of colorectal carcinoma”, Mr Stojan Sekulić MD, PhD, Surgical Clinic  KBC Priština-Gračanica, Medical Faculty Gračanica


Joint meeting of Serbian Medical Society Surgical Chapter and Surgical Society of Republika Srpska

Published on 11. June 2012., in Nekategorizovano.

On 22. June 2012. at  Foča, Republic Srpska, a meeting of Surgical Chapter of Serbian Medical Society and Surgical Society of Republic Srpska will be held. On thursday,  22.of June in the afternoon, gests are expected. The same day at 07,00 p.m. there will be a meeting of Presidency of Republic Srpska Surgical Society, and opening ceremony. Next day on 22. June at 10,00 am. a meeting of Surgical Chapter of Serbian Medical Society Steering Comity will be held, at Medical Faculty  and working sesion will start at 11,00 am. The lunch will be at 14,00 p.m. For all the gests, organizer has provided stay at Rafting Center “Bastasi”, including rafting on river Tara and Drina on Sunday, 23. June! All the informations are available on phone   +38758/210-417 and +38758/211-155. Reservations in  Hotel “Zelengora” at Foča, phone. +38758/210-013, Hotel  ”Mladost” at Tjentište, phone.+38758/233-130, Pansion “Bavaria” at Foča phone. +38758/230-375, +38765/545-308. Transfer from Belgrade, Serbia is organized, starting from the parking lot near First Surgical Clinic, starting at 13,00 hours.on Thursday 21. June.

Following presentations are planed to be held:

1.Surgical reconstructive procedures dealing with benign stenosis of biliar ducts, Accad. Radoje Čolović MD. PhD, SANU, Belgrade, Serbia

2. Trauma of Thorax-presentation of book by Accad.Mirko Šoškić MD. PhD, Medical faculty, Foča, Republika Srpska

3. „Extended left hepatectomy with caudate lobectomy and hepatic artery resection for hilar cholangiocarcinoma”  Prof  Zoran Milošević MD, PhD, Clinical Center of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia

4. Traumatology in maxilofacial surgery, Mr Miroslav Obrenović MD, Prof  Nebojša Jović MD, PhD, University Hospital of Foča, Republika Srpska

5. Infection in surgical proccedures dealing with haernias, Prof Marinko Žuvela MD, PhD, CCS, Belgrade, Serbia

6. Functional investigations in proctology and their surgical value, Prof  Branimir Marjanović Md, PhD, Medical Faculty Foča, Republika Srpska, Institute for Radiology and Oncology of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia


Scientific program of Surgical Chapter of Serbian Medical Society meeting at Prijepolje, Serbia, on 25. May 2012.

Published on 17. May 2012., in Events, Sastanci.

At Prijepolje, Serbia, on 25. May 2012. a regular meeting of Surgical Chapter of Serbian Medical Society will be held. A trip is organised for participans. Bus will start the voyage from parking lot behind the First Surguical Clinic at Belgrade at 6,00 AM. on 25. May 2012. Meeting will be held at Prijepolje in “Dom Kulture”, starting at  9,00 AM. Presidency meeting will start at  10,30 A.M. and working part is going to start at 11,00 AM.  Scientific program:

1. History of surgery at Prijepolje, Serbia, Mr Boško Odža MD, General Hospital, Prijepolje, Serbia

2. Nonoperativne trauma of biliar tract, Mr Accad. Radoje Čolović MD, SANU

3. Diabetic Foot, Mr Ilijas Činara MD. PhD, Clinic for Vascular and endovascular Surgery,  KCS, Beograde, Serbia

4. Acute pancreatitis, Mr Aleksandar Gluhović MD, U.C. Novi Sad, Serbia

5. Use of  3-D mesh in one day surgery of inguinal hernias, Mr Dejan Dabić MD, General Hospital Čačak, Serbia

6.  Surgeons role in prevention of derivating stoma complications,  Ass. Prof V. Marković MD, Prof Z. Krivokapić MD, S. Antić MD, G. Baralić MD, M. Popović MD, I. Dimitrijević MD, J. Petrović MD, A. Sekulić MD, I hirurška Klinika, KCS, Beogradvić MD, I surgical Clinic, KCS, Belgrade, Serbia

7. Trihobezoar, Mr Sadović Zulkefil MD, General Hospital, Prijepolje, Serbia

8. Thyroid gland tumors, Mr Prof Ivan Paunović MD, Clinic for Endocrine Surgery, KCS, Belgrade, Serbia

Video available at Youtube (HirurskaSekcijaSrpskogLekarskogDrustva)


The regular meeting of the Surgical Section of the Serbian Medical Society in Arandjelovac 27th April 2012.

Published on 24. April 2012., in Events, Sastanci.

Scientific program for Surgical Section of Serbian Medical Society held at Aranđelovac, Serbia 27. April 2012.

1. “60 years of surgery in Arandjelovac“ Mr Radosav Švabić MD, GH Aranđelovac, Serbia

2. „Consensus document and guidlines for diagnosis and treatment of venous disease“  Prof Živan Maksimović MD, Clinic for Vascular and endovascular surgery, KCS, Belgrade, Serbia

3. „Popliteal artery aneurysms“ Mr Ilijas Činara, MD, PhD, Clinic for Vascular and endovascular Surgery, KCS, Belgrade, Serbia

4. „Sinhronus and metahronus metastasis of colorectal carcinoma in liver-surgical aproach“ Prof  Milićević M. MD, Mr Bulajić P. MD, Mr Basarić D. MD, Mr Galun D. MD, Mr Bogdanović A. MD, Mr Bidžić N. MD, Clinic for Digestive surgery, Belgrade , Serbia

5. „Open hemoroidectomy- pro et contra“ Mr Mladen Janić MD, GH Pančevo, Serbia

6. „Liver resections: Technique of suprahilar vascular control of Glisons pedicle” Prof Aleksandar Karamarković MD, Urgent Center KCS, Belgrade, Serbia

7. „Proctology in one day surgery“ Miss Petrović J. MD, Prof  Krivokapić Z. MD, Ass prof Marković V. MD, Mr Dimitrijević I. MD, Clinic for Digestive surgery, KCS, Belgrade, Serbia

8. „Ambulatory surgery for complexed inguinal hernias – Modified Lihtenstein technique in local anestesia“. Prof Marinko Žuvela MD, Clinic for Digestive surgery, KCS, Belgrade, Serbia

Trip starts from parking lot near Fist Surgical Clinic at 7,30 AM.

Symposium is acredited with 11 poens for  lecturers and 5 poens for participans.

Program sastanka u PDF formatu.

Video available on YouTube(HirurskaSekcijaSrpskogLekarskogDrustva)


The regular meeting of the Surgical Section of the Serbian Medical Society in Niš 30th March 2012.

Published on 27. March 2012., in Events, Sastanci.

Offical program of regular Surgical Chapter of Serbian Medical Society held at Niš, Serbia, 30. March 2012.

Okupljanje u 9,00 sati ispred Veliki Amfiteatar Aneksa Medicinskog Fakulteta u Nišu.

Sastanak Upravnog odbora u 10,00 sati.
Otvaranje sastanka i pozdravne reči u 10,30 sati.
Koktel u Velikoj Sali Medicinskog Fakulteta u Nišu.

Stručni program:

1. “Terapijski pristup krvarenjima iz donjih partija gastrointestinalnog trakta”
Uwe Widmeier, Rot Kruez-Klinikum Munchen

2. “Organizacija transplantacione službe na Kipru”
Vassillis Georgiou Hadjianastassiou, Transplant Unit at General Hospital Nicosia

3. “Abdominalni kompartment”
Zoran Rančić, Klinik fur Herz- und Gefasschirurgie Universitats Spital Zurich

4. “Urgentna hirurška stanja kod mirnodopskih povreda abdomena”
HB. Marjanović, M. Lazić, S. Mihailović, S. Marinković, M. Dimitrijević

5. “Hiperlipidemijski pancreatitis”
M. Radojković, M. Stojanović, A. Bogičević, A. Zlatić, Lj. Jeremić

6. “Hirurško lečenje diferentovanih karcionoma štitaste žlezde”
A. Karanikolić, N. Đorđević, L. Đorđević, D. Buđevac, T. Bojić

7. “Nekrotizirajući fasciitis perianalne i perinealne regije – strategije hirurškog lečenja” V. Pecić, G. Stanojević, D. Miljković, D. Mihajlović, B. Branković, M. Nestorović, D. Petrović

Video zapis na YouTube (HirurskaSekcijaSrpskogLekarskogDrustva)

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