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Serbian Medical Society Surgical Section regular meeting at Jagodina, Serbia on 26. April 2013.

Published on 14. April 2013., in Sastanci.

Serbian Medical Society Surgical Section will held a regular meeting at Jagodina, Serbia on 26. April 2013. Scientific program is accredited as “Surgical Symposia at Jagodina 2013.” and brings 11 poens for lectuers and 5 for participants. Meeting will be held at hotel Hill, Stevana Invanovica street No3, Jagodina, Serbia. Reservations on phone +381-35-252-202. Transport for participants is organised. Bus starts from a parking lot behind the First Surgical Clinic at 7:30 a.m. Particpiants can accredit from 09:00 to 10:50. Presidency meeting starts at 11:00 and scientific program at 11:00. The following themes are included:

1. Use of gradient compresive bandage in curemnt of chronic venous wounds, Mrs Sladjana Mitrovic MD, General Hospital at Jagodina, Serbia

2. Beginings of haernia surgery at Serbia and role of military surgeons. Mr Accademitian Radoje Colovic MD, PhD, Serbiam Accadeemy of Scienc and Arts, Belgrade, Serbia 

3. Spiegel operation-one day surgery,  Mr Marinko Zuvela MD, PhD, Clinic for Digestive Surgery, Clinical Centre of Serbia, Belgrade  

4. Posttraumatic arteriovenous fistulas-surgical tretament, Mr Momir Sarac MD, Mr I. Marjanovic MD, Mr A. Tomic MD, Medical Military Accademy, Belgrade, Serbia

5. Abdominal trauma urgent surgery, Md Aleksandar Gluhovic MD, Urgent Center of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia

6. Duodenal patency modalities of preservation during reconstruction post gastrectomy-functional outcome and life quality, Mr T. Randjelovic MD, PhD, Mr D. Bilanovic MD, PhD, Mr D. Dikic MD, Mr S. Gacic MD, Mr V. Vulovic MD, D. Zdravkovic MD, Clinical Centre “Bezanijska Kosa”, Clnic for general and digestive surgery, Belgrade, Serbia

7. Complication analysis in digestivre surgery- comparative model, Mr Mladjan Protic MD, Clinic for Abdominal, Endocrine and Translapantational surgery. Clinical Centre of Vojvodina, Novi |Sad, Serbia

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