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Regular meeting of Serbian Medical Society Surgical Chapter at Novi Pazar on 21. September 2012.

On 21. of September, year 2012, a regular meeting of Serbian Medical Soiciety Surgical Chapter will take place at Novi Pazar Serbia. Participans will start gathering at 09,00 a.m. at Cetre of Culture. Official opening starts at 11,00 a.m. sharp. Society assembly meets a half an hour previosly. A lunch for all the members is planed at 15,00 p.m. in the restaurant of Hotel Vrbak. Transportation for the members from Belgrade starts at 06,30 a.m. from the parking place behind the Fisrt Surgical Clinic. Accom. reservations: Hotel Vrbak: +38120-314-844, Hotel Cannes: +38120-315-003, Hotel Tadž: +38120-316-838, Hotel Denis: +38120-360-120, Hotel Atlas: +38120-316-352, Hotel Palma: +38120-335-400, Hotel Oxa: +38120-371-381, Hotel Sopoćani: +38120-313-663. Simposijum is accredited and brings 11 p. for lectuers and  5 p. for participans. This is the working part scenario:

1. “Breast cancer- our study for period 2009-2011″. Mr Avdo Ćeranić MD,Mr Džemail Detanac MD,  Mr Sinan Marovac MD, Mr Siniđa Filipović MD, Mr Omer Biševac MD,  Surgical dpt. Gen. Hospital at Novi Pazar, Serbia

2. “Pancreatic Insulinoma”, Prof  Ivan Paunović Md,PhD, Prof  Aleksandar Diklić MD, PhD, Mr Vladan Živaljević MD, Prof Nevena Kalezić MD, PhD, Mrs Milena Kažić MD,  Mr Goran Zorić MD, MrsVera Sabljak MD, Clinic for Endocrine surgery, Clinical Centre of Serbia, Belgrade

3. “Peripheral artery injuries”, Prof  Lazar Davidović MD, PhD,  Clinic for vacular and Enfdovascular surgery,  Clinical Centre of Serbia, Belgrade

4. “Sentinel limph node biopsy in case of diferented thyreoid carcinoma and decision fro selective modified radical neck disection”. Prof  Radan Džodić MD, PhD, Mr Ivan Marković MD, Mr Igor Đurišić MD, Mr Marko Buta MD, Mr Marko Jeftić MD, Mr Merima Oruči MD, Mrs Zorka Inić MD, Mrs Zorka Milovanović MD, Mrs Gordana Pupić MD, Institut for Radiology and Oncology, Serbia, Beograde

5. “Surgical tretatment of liver injuries”,Prof Aleksandar Karamarković MD, PhD, Mr V. Mihailović MD, Mr K. Doklestić MD, Mr N. Petrović MD, Clinic for Urgent Surgery Clinical Centre of Serbia

6. “ZImprotance of axillar lymph node disection in patients with malignant breast tumors”, Mr Momčilo Inić MD. PhD, Institute for  Radiology and Oncologyof  Serbia

7. “Opstraction and perforation of colorectal carcinoma”, Mr Stojan Sekulić MD, PhD, Surgical Clinic  KBC Priština-Gračanica, Medical Faculty Gračanica

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