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Published on 22. April 2019., in Nekategorizovano.

Plan of work and activities for the next 4-year period of the Surgical section of SLD candidate for President Dr Srbislav Knezevic, full professor at the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade

Work plan of the surgical section:

1) Continuity and regularity of surgical meetings, up to 8 meetings per year

2) As a novel to introduce the function “Guest Transplanting” which will, in addition to the selections, design and select the works to be presented

3) Restore the practice of visiting lecturers from abroad (honorary members)

4) Up to two thematic meetings or “workshops” in regular meeting times

5) Basic educative lectures (eg surgical technique, acute surgical problem, pain therapy, video sessions, etc.) will be introduced for the education of young surgeons and specialists, as well as knowledge restoration.

6) Special emphasis on the engagement of specialists and young specialists in presenting and preparing the presentation of 1-2 lectures per meeting

7) Developing cooperation with the Association of surgeons of the Republic of Srpska as well as associations of surgeons from the region.

8) Rehabilitation of the Acta Chirugica Yugoslavica magazine or the establishment of a new journal of the Surgical Section SLD

9) Mandatory preparation of presentations in the form of an abstract according to the propositions of the Serbian Archives, Acta Chirurgica Yugoslavica or the new journal of the Surgical Section SLD

10) Redesign the website of the Surgical section of the SLD with the introduction of the transfer of meetings through Youtube, making a mailing list with regular information on the next and past meetings, as well as connecting with social networks.

11) Introduce into the practice of meetings: lectures on the history of surgery, biography of significant domestic and foreign surgeons, etc.

12) Revision of the number of members of the presidency in relation to the size and importance of the institutions they represent

13) Introduction of annual awards for the best exposure of young surgeons and specialists

14) Changing the structure of the meeting must be more dynamic with 6 to 7 presentations 10min + 5 min discussions (introduction 10 min, presentations 70 – 80 min, discussion 30-40 minutes, TOTAL 120 – 130 min)

15) Construction of a general surgical meeting:

i) Presentation of the clinical experience of a particular area – presenter specialist or young specialist from the surgical institution hosting the meeting

ii) Presentation by choice – presenters specialists or young specialists from other institutions

iii) Video presentation – rarities, surgical technique, laparoscopic surgery …

iv) Guest lecturer from abroad or lecturer at the choice of “guest chair”

v) Selected topic from an institution from a regional institution

vi) Selected topic from Clinical Centers and MMA

vii) Presentation from the history of surgery or the biography of the famous world and our surgeons – Prezenter Faculty faculty, Prim, the oldest member of the collective or chief

16) Construction of a thematic meeting: (example: theme Ulcer disease as a surgical problem) 10 min introduction, 5x 15 min presentations + 45 min

i) Total 130 min

ii) Ethiopathogenesis, diagnostics and conservative treatment – presenter renowned gastroenterologist

iii) Bleeding as a complication of ulcer disease, treatment options – presenters gastroenterologist and surgeon

iv) Perforative ulcer – surgical solution, sometimes and now – presenter renowned surgeon Teacher of college, Prim or guest from abroad

v) Theodor Billroth 1829 – 1894 – Presenter of a renowned surgeon Teacher of the faculty, Prim or a guest from abroad

vi) Modern surgical approach to the treatment of perforative ulcers (with or without video presentation) – presenter renowned surgeon Teacher of faculty, Prim or guest from abroad

vii) Roundtable showing interesting cases: chaired by “Guest Chair”, panelists: presenters

Proposal for Presidency members:

President: Prof. Dr. Srbislav Knezevic, I surgical clinic KCS

Vice President: Prof. Dr Miroslav Stojanovic, KC Nis

Secretary General: Doc. Dr. Miljan Ceranic, I surgical clinic KCS

Secretary: Ass. Dr Ognjan Skrobic, and surgical clinic KCS

Secretary: Doc Ljiljana- Jeremić Savić, KC Niš

Treasurer: Ass. Dr Nikola Grubor

In Belgrade, 22.04. 2019th year

Prof Dr Srbislav Knezevic


Plan of the four-year presidential mandate of the SLD Prof. Prof. Zeljko Lausevic:

Dear colleagues,

Throughout all these years, the SLD Surgery section has remained an organization whose meetings we leave with pleasure because of the valuable exchange of experiences and socializing, sharing the heavy burden of everyday work, and the joy of great efforts and the acquisition of new skills in all environments, from the smallest centers to the largest ones.

I believe we can agree that the section should not be used as a service of any Clinical Center or individual clinics. The purpose of the section can be fully fulfilled only if we all equally use it as a place to create new and maximum use of all available features. I think that we can expand the space, within the section, which are given to smaller centers and hospitals

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