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Dear colleagues and friends
On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the International Association of Surgeons Gastroenterologists and Oncologists (IASGO), we are delighted to invite you to join us at

The First Regional Meeting of IASGO in Belgrade


September 2019, 23-24.
Falkensteiner Hotel, Belgrade

With the support of the IASGO Leadership, Board and General Secretariat, Local Organizing Committee have developed what we believe is a good multidisciplinary scientific program for this first meeting dedicated to hepato-biliary-pancreatic diseases.

This high level program includes international experts from Asia, Europe and USA as well as professional leaders and senior experts from the region.

Clearly, this approach will lead to networking and cross-fertilization among experts from Serbia and the whole region, being at various stages of their careers and pursuing diverse interests to promote further collaborative
projects at an international level.

Strategic choice of most important topics and current challenges in HPB surgery, top experts from Europe and the world, eminent experts from the region, as well as interactive presentational forms should guarantee the
attractiveness of the Course, where we expect over 250 colleagues from the country and the region.
For more than three decades, friendship has been a key to carry out the mission of IASGO, which is Globalization of Medical Knowledge. This IASGO Meeting will be a great opportunity to benefit from dynamic professional exchange, meet old friends and make the new ones and enjoy beauty of Belgrade in early autumn.

Best regards,

Prof. dr Aleksandar Karamarković
Course Director



Published on 3. June 2019., in Nekategorizovano.

On June 28, 2019, the Symposium of Surgeons of the Republic of Serbia and Republika Srpska will be held with international participation. The meeting is traditionally held in Foča, Republika Srpska. The gathering of participants is the day before, on June 27 from 15.00 and the gala dinner is at 20, hours. The Symposium will be held at 10:00 am tomorrow! the next day, a social program is planned that supports rafting with the Tara River! Contact: 38765-803-735, 38765-931-593, 38765-614-066,38765-605-658, e-mail: bolnica@bolnicafoca.com, rmaricr@yahoo.com, nenad.lalovic@gmail.com. Click here for flajer  Brosura hirurzi komplet 2019 B. Professional program of meetings:

1. Mucinous tumors of apendix and pseudomycoomperitoneum. Dr Emir Pinjo, Oslo, Norway

2. Laparscopic repair of giant parasophageal hernias. Prof. Dr. Valeriu Surlin, Daniel Preda, Romania, County Clinical emergency Hospital of Craiova, University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova

3. Laparascopic resection of stomach cancer, Prof Dr Miloš Bjelović, Clinical Center Belgrade, Edema Center.

4. Laparoscopic colorectal resection – how to develop advanced laparoscopic technique in developing countries? Pro Dr. Samir Delibegović, Clinical Center Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Right Hemicolectomy – Limits and Radicality in the Light of Vascular Variations, S. Kmezic, L. Aleksic, A. Sekulic, V. Markovic, Z. Krivokapic, Inst. for Digestive Diseases – First Surgical Clinic, KCS

6. THD in the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease, Prof dr Goran Stanojević, Clinical Center Niš

7. Complications of pilorus preserving duodenopancreatectomy. Prof. Dr. Dejan Ivanov, Clinical Center of Vojvodina, Clinic for General, Abdominal and Endocrine Surgery

8. Nipple sparing mastectomy with primary implant reconstruction of two decades of experience of the Institute of Oncology of Vojvodina Prof. Dr. Zoran Radovanović, Clinical Center of Vojvodina, Institute of Oncology Sremska Kamenica, Novi Sad

9. Secondary breast reconstruction, Prof dr Siniša Kojić, Faculty of Medicine, Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina

10. Development and Perspective of Pneumical Surgery at the University Hospital Foča. Ass. Dr Velibor Simetić et al. University Hospital Foca, Center for Surgery.


Important announcment

Published on 27. May 2019., in Nekategorizovano.

Dear members of the Surgical section of SLD, we inform you that at the Presidency meeting held on May 21, 2019, a new leadership was elected. The new president is Prof. Dr. Srbislav Knezevic, First Surgical Clinic KCS, Vice President Prof. Dr. Mirosalav Stojanovic, KC Nis and Secretary General, Doc Dr. MIljan Ceranic, First Surgical Clinic KCS!



Published on 16. May 2019., in Nekategorizovano.

Dear members of the Presidency of the Surgical Section SLD, we remind you that the election meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 12 am in the SLD premises in George Washington Street, 18th in Belgrade! In the attachment, we also supply the election material (click on Позив за изборну седницу, Бгд 21.мај 2019.Plan rada svakog od kandidata za Pred.ИЗВЕШТАЈ О РАДУ ХС 2008-2019.)!

Sincerely, the President and the Secretary General



Published on 6. May 2019., in Nekategorizovano.


May 31, 2019, a regular meeting of the SLD surgical section in Arandjelovac will be held, оrganised by surgical ward of Health center Arandjelovac. The gathering of participants begins at 9.00 am and the professional part of the meeting starts at 11.00. The place of the meeting is the “Park” hall in Arandjelovac. A luncheon lunch is also planned for the participants of the meeting, starting at 15.00 hours at the Motel “Kraljica”, Orasacki put. Тhe meeting is accredited, and the lecturers carry 9 and the handsets 4 points. Topics of the expert part of the meeting:

1. Targeted therapy of advanced thyroid carcinoma, Paunović I, Taušanović K, Diklić A, Zorić G, Slijepčević N, Živaljević V. Center for Enco Surgery of the CC of Serbia

2. Takayashi’s surgical technique of anatomical liver resection, Aleksandar Karamarkovic, Ljiljana Milic, Ljiljana Savanovic, Bojan Kovacevic, Igor Krdzic, Zvezdan Stefanovic, Vladimir Cijan, Milos Brankovic, Aleksandar Filipovic, Marijan Ilic, Surgical Clinic “Nikola Spasić”, CHC Zvedara, Belgrade, Serbia

3. Dilemmas in the treatment of gastro – intestinal fistula, Marina Panišić VMA

4. Laparoscopic technique in the treatment of parasitic and non-parasitic clear spleen, Nikola Grubor, Boris Tadić, Vladimir Milosavljević, Milorad Reljić, Đorđe Knežević, Srbislav Knežević, Slavko Matić, Clinic for digestive surgery KCS

5. Possibilities of minimally invasive surgery in the treatment of diseases of the upper digestive tract, Nenad Ivanović, Aleksandar Simić, Nebojša Radovanović, Ognjan Skrobić, Milutin Kotarac, Željko Grubač, Predrag Peško. Clinic for Digestive Surgery – First Surgical Clinical Center of Serbia

6. Complex cholecystectomies, Gvozdenović Miomir, Laušević Željko, Vukojević Vladimir, Jovanović Dušan, Miloš Raspopović, Clinic for urgent surgery, Urgent Center, Clinical Center of Serbia

7. Urgent carotid endarterectomy – first 18 months, Prof. Miroslav Markovic. Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery KCS

8. Analysis of mineral water and development of the Bukovica Spa in the first half of the XIX century, Dr Zoran Vacić, Section for the history of medicine SLD



Published on 22. April 2019., in Nekategorizovano.

Plan of work and activities for the next 4-year period of the Surgical section of SLD candidate for President Dr Srbislav Knezevic, full professor at the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade

Work plan of the surgical section:

1) Continuity and regularity of surgical meetings, up to 8 meetings per year

2) As a novel to introduce the function “Guest Transplanting” which will, in addition to the selections, design and select the works to be presented

3) Restore the practice of visiting lecturers from abroad (honorary members)

4) Up to two thematic meetings or “workshops” in regular meeting times

5) Basic educative lectures (eg surgical technique, acute surgical problem, pain therapy, video sessions, etc.) will be introduced for the education of young surgeons and specialists, as well as knowledge restoration.

6) Special emphasis on the engagement of specialists and young specialists in presenting and preparing the presentation of 1-2 lectures per meeting

7) Developing cooperation with the Association of surgeons of the Republic of Srpska as well as associations of surgeons from the region.

8) Rehabilitation of the Acta Chirugica Yugoslavica magazine or the establishment of a new journal of the Surgical Section SLD

9) Mandatory preparation of presentations in the form of an abstract according to the propositions of the Serbian Archives, Acta Chirurgica Yugoslavica or the new journal of the Surgical Section SLD

10) Redesign the website of the Surgical section of the SLD with the introduction of the transfer of meetings through Youtube, making a mailing list with regular information on the next and past meetings, as well as connecting with social networks.

11) Introduce into the practice of meetings: lectures on the history of surgery, biography of significant domestic and foreign surgeons, etc.

12) Revision of the number of members of the presidency in relation to the size and importance of the institutions they represent

13) Introduction of annual awards for the best exposure of young surgeons and specialists

14) Changing the structure of the meeting must be more dynamic with 6 to 7 presentations 10min + 5 min discussions (introduction 10 min, presentations 70 – 80 min, discussion 30-40 minutes, TOTAL 120 – 130 min)

15) Construction of a general surgical meeting:

i) Presentation of the clinical experience of a particular area – presenter specialist or young specialist from the surgical institution hosting the meeting

ii) Presentation by choice – presenters specialists or young specialists from other institutions

iii) Video presentation – rarities, surgical technique, laparoscopic surgery …

iv) Guest lecturer from abroad or lecturer at the choice of “guest chair”

v) Selected topic from an institution from a regional institution

vi) Selected topic from Clinical Centers and MMA

vii) Presentation from the history of surgery or the biography of the famous world and our surgeons – Prezenter Faculty faculty, Prim, the oldest member of the collective or chief

16) Construction of a thematic meeting: (example: theme Ulcer disease as a surgical problem) 10 min introduction, 5x 15 min presentations + 45 min

i) Total 130 min

ii) Ethiopathogenesis, diagnostics and conservative treatment – presenter renowned gastroenterologist

iii) Bleeding as a complication of ulcer disease, treatment options – presenters gastroenterologist and surgeon

iv) Perforative ulcer – surgical solution, sometimes and now – presenter renowned surgeon Teacher of college, Prim or guest from abroad

v) Theodor Billroth 1829 – 1894 – Presenter of a renowned surgeon Teacher of the faculty, Prim or a guest from abroad

vi) Modern surgical approach to the treatment of perforative ulcers (with or without video presentation) – presenter renowned surgeon Teacher of faculty, Prim or guest from abroad

vii) Roundtable showing interesting cases: chaired by “Guest Chair”, panelists: presenters

Proposal for Presidency members:

President: Prof. Dr. Srbislav Knezevic, I surgical clinic KCS

Vice President: Prof. Dr Miroslav Stojanovic, KC Nis

Secretary General: Doc. Dr. Miljan Ceranic, I surgical clinic KCS

Secretary: Ass. Dr Ognjan Skrobic, and surgical clinic KCS

Secretary: Doc Ljiljana- Jeremić Savić, KC Niš

Treasurer: Ass. Dr Nikola Grubor

In Belgrade, 22.04. 2019th year

Prof Dr Srbislav Knezevic


Plan of the four-year presidential mandate of the SLD Prof. Prof. Zeljko Lausevic:

Dear colleagues,

Throughout all these years, the SLD Surgery section has remained an organization whose meetings we leave with pleasure because of the valuable exchange of experiences and socializing, sharing the heavy burden of everyday work, and the joy of great efforts and the acquisition of new skills in all environments, from the smallest centers to the largest ones.

I believe we can agree that the section should not be used as a service of any Clinical Center or individual clinics. The purpose of the section can be fully fulfilled only if we all equally use it as a place to create new and maximum use of all available features. I think that we can expand the space, within the section, which are given to smaller centers and hospitals



Published on 22. April 2019., in Nekategorizovano.

The Colorectal Surgery Department of the Clinical Center Nis, in cooperation with the Society of Coloproctologists of Yugoslavia, organizes the International Symposium entitled The Constantine Day of Coloproctology. As in previous years we expect a large number of participants from the country and abroad. Topics of this year are the most common problems in proctology with the transmission of live operations. The meeting is being held at the Medical Faculty in Nis on May 17, 2019.
The Symposium is accredited under number A-1-574 / 19, registered participants receive 6 points.
All additional information can be found on our website
Constantine Day of Coloproctology



Published on 4. April 2019., in Nekategorizovano.

In Cacak, Serbia, on April 19, 2019, a regular meeting of the SMS Surgical Section will be held. The meeting will be held at the Cultural Center, Trg Ustanka br. 2 in Cacak. Gathering starts at 10.00, opening at 10.30, and professional part at 11.00. A luncheon is also planned for the participants. The meeting is accredited, and for lecturers it carries 8 participants and 4 points. Details of the Clink meeting on the link Satanak HS, cacak, 19. IV 2019. Professional part of the meeting:

1. TWENTY YEARS OF LAPARASCOPY IN ČAČAK. D. Dabović, M. Jorovic, M. Lazović, Z. Jovanovic, Z.Tifunovic, P.Ljubenovic, A. Milojković, I. Kostic, B.Maric, V. Perunicic, A. Aleksić, D. Markovic, P.Lazovic, OB, Cacak

2. ABDOMINAL COMPARTMENT SYNDROME IN VASCULAR SURGERY. Činara I, Ilić N, Sladojević M, Mutavdžić P, Zlatanović P, Davidović L. Clinic for vascular and endovascular surgery KCS, Belgrade

3. HEPATOCELULAR CARCINOMA – OPTIMAL MODALITY OF TREATMENT, Danijel Galun1,2, Aleksandar Bogdanović1,2, Nemanja Bidžić1, Dragan Basarić1,2, Predrag Bulajić1, Marinko Žuvela1,2 1 HPB Surgery Division – Clinic for Digestive Surgery KCS 2Medicinski fakultet, University of Belgrade

4. COLORECTAL LAPARASCOPIC SURGERY ,EXPERT EXPERIENCE OF VMA, B. Milev, D. Slavkovic, M. Jovanovic, M. Bezmarovic, Z. Kostić,  VMA

5. GIST – INTRAABDOMINAL TUMORS OF MESENHIMAL ORIGIN – TREATMENT AND DIAGRAM OF LEARNING – EXPERIENCE, I. Kostic, M. Jorovic, M. Lazović, Z. Jovanović, Z. Trifunović, P. Ljubenović, D. Dabić, A. Milojković, B. Marić, B. Perunicic, A. Aleksić, D. Marković, P. Lazovic, OB Cacak

6. CARE OF CHEST INUIRIES. Slobodan Milisavljević1, 21 Clinical Center Kragujevac; Clinic for general and chest surgery; department of chest surgery, 2 Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Kragujevac; Chair of Surgery

7. TORAKO-PEDAL INDEXS IN ASSESSING THE EFFICIENCY OF HYPERBIRIC THERAPY OF THERAPY IN  DIABETICS , Zvezdan Stefanovic, R. Aščerić, J. Adam, M. Popović, I. Krdžić, B. Kovačević, Lj. Milić, V. Ciljan, P. Bojović, A. Karamarković,  Surgical Clinic “Nikola Spasic”, University Clinical Center Zvezdara.

8. METASTASIS OF THE “RENCELL” CARCINOMA IN THE STRUCTURE OF THE THYRIOD GLAND ND JUGULAR VEIN: CASE REPORT, Vladan Perunicic, Miodrag Jorovic, Milisav Lazovic, Zoran Jovanovic, Zoran Trifunovic, Predrag Ljubenovic, Dejan Dabic, Aleksandar Milojkovic, Ivan Kostic, BiljanaMaric, Anđelko Aleksić, David Marković, Pavle Lazović, Department of Surgery, OB Čačak, Čačak, Serbia

Satanak HS, cacak, 19. IV 2019.



Published on 22. March 2019., in Nekategorizovano.

Dear Colleague

We hereby inform you and invite you to attend the meeting of the Presidency of the HS SLD, which will be held on March 29, 2019. at 10 am in Smederevo (before the regular HS Symposium). The meeting is going to be held at the Center for Culture, ul. Karadjordjeva br.5-7, Smederevo.

The agenda of the meeting of the Presidency of the Surgical section of SLD for March 29, 2018:

1. Current activities on the work of HS SLD for 2019.

2. Preparing for elections in the Surgical section of SLDa

3. Miscellaneous


Please be sure to attend the meeting, and in case of prevention, we suggest that you appoint a deputy at your college of the surgeon.
With respect and collegial greeting,

Gen. Secretary of Surgical Section Prim Dr. med. Ilijas Činara

President of Surgical Section of SLD Prof. Dr. Nebojša Stanković

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