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Published on 17. March 2020., in Nekategorizovano.

Dear members of the Surgical Section of Serbian Medical Society, we are pleased to inform you that at the last meeting, the book “Surgical Section of Serbian Medical Society 1950-2019″ was promoted! Authors themselves are surgeons and active participants in the work of the Surgical Section of the Serbian Medical Society. So this work should be seen as part of the Surgical Section’s activities, this time through its most prominent members! It should be emphasized that this association is extremely important for Serbian medicine! It is special because of the fact that it brings together all Serbian surgeons under its own cap, for a continuous period of 70 years!
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Book to detail, chronologically documents the work of the Surgical Section of SLD and the development of surgery in Serbia. The period covered goes back into the past, through the Middle Ages and the beginnings of medicine in Serbia, to the first written mention of pioneering surgical procedures in our country. Using encyclopedic manner authros are giving a brief overview of the development of medicine in the world and Serbia. Each pioneering surgical procedure within Serbian medicine is shown in detail. Written in an accessible style, the book provides an opportunity for a reader who is neither a surgeon nor a doctor to witness the development of surgery in Serbia! However, the surgeons themselves will benefit most from the book! The younger ones will see that nothing begins with their appearance on stage, and the older ones will not turn off the stage lights after them. Someone who has written this publication may wish to write a new issue in twenty years. In the meantime, it will be noted who and when was the first to perform a skull trepidation or a blood vessel suture, and who is now performing major surgery by the laparascopic method! Those who build a scientific career will be able to quote in their bibliography given presentations, citing a book! And finally, for those who wrote it, the feeling that they are part of the surgical saga will remain.
The book consists of five chapters: In the first chapter, the authors present to the reader the history of the development of medicine in Serbia, thus covering the period of 800 years! The rise of surgery itself into a special profession, depending on global events on the world history stage, is a logical follow-up to the second chapter. Focusing on the development of surgery in Serbia, the authors present a period limited to the beginning of the Great War in chapter three. Only the fourth. chapter explains the founding of the Surgical Section, to show its recent history. In its content, this may be a key chapter, it testifies to the great enthusiasm of the surgeon who has been transferred to numerous meetings, which testifies to the aspiration of surgery in Serbia! As the crown of chronology is the saga of presidents.
…It was necessary to write a book of this format, as a “frame” for activities within the Surgical Section of SLD, which marked the last seventy years of surgery in Serbia. Without this book, the memories associated with the Section would surely have faded, and with the departure of the older members it would have disappeared irrevocably. It can serve the surgeons who come as the basis for further chronology. The author, Academician Radoje Colovic, himself a former president of the Surgical Section, in cooperation with his younger colleagues, managed to bring the section closer to the reader, explain to the experienced surgeons its development, and the younger ones are interested and stated to maintain it!…Academician Zoran Krivokapić
… Designed as an expression of the desire for a closer connection of Serbian surgeons in organizing professional and other activities, the Surgical Section of the Serbian Medical Society inherits a decades-long tradition. Although formed much later than other sections of the SLD, it is not a native formation. Its existence has been based on the fruitful and rich activity of Serbian surgeons since the founding of the SLD in 1872 …… This monograph can be justifiably included as a valuable and indispensable contribution to the chronicle of Serbian surgery. With its extensive and rich content, it forms a solid basis for future deeper and more detailed research into the historical development of surgery in Serbia…Prof. Dragoslav Stevovic
The development of surgery in Serbia best reflects the work of the Surgical Section of the Serbian Medical Association. Although it was only founded in 1950 and before its existence, surgical topics dominated SLD meetings. Witnesses to this time are numerous reports from the meetings of the Serbian Medical Society since the founding of the association in 1872. The annual reports on surgical procedures at the General State Hospital are listed! Surgical works have been cited published in the Serbian Archives for the entirety of medicine and other journals of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In the same manner, up to the present day, experiences are presented, rare cases are presented and new methods of surgical treatment are propagated. Today, all meetings are accredited as part of Continuing Medical Education (KME), international symposia and intersectional meetings are organized. For a surgeon to renew his license, it is enough just to come to the Surgical Section meetings! There is no surgical association that does not rely on the Surgical Section in its work! The significance of the SLD Surgical Section is immeasurable for Serbian surgery and medicine in general!



Published on 12. March 2020., in Nekategorizovano.

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14th European Digestive Surgery Postgraduate Course (EDS)

Published on 6. March 2020., in Nekategorizovano.

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

On behalf of  the Local Organizing Committee I have the pleasure to welcome you to 14th European Digestive Surgery Postgraduate Course (EDS), EDS Belgrade 2020,  that will be held in Belgrade, Serbia from 2nd to 4th April.

EDS 2020 promises to be a great occasion to present modern management of gastrointestinal diseases. A renowned international and local faculty are going to present the most critical issues challenging our field.



(Srpski) XIV Internacionalni simpozjum hirurga Srbije i Rumunije – Kladovo 27. mart 2020. godine

Published on 1. March 2020., in Nekategorizovano.

Dana 27. marta 2020.godine,održaće se XIV Internacionalni simpozjum hirurga Srbije i Rumunije u organizaciji OB ”Kladovo” 

Sastanak će biti održan u hotelu  ”Đerdap” –Hotel „Đerdap“  Dunavska 5, 19320 Kladovowww.hoteldjerdap.com

Okupljanje učesnika počinje u 9:00 sati, sastanak Predsedništva u 10 časova, otvaranje u 10:30 a stručni deo sastanka počinje u 11:00 sati.

Sastanak je akreditovan i predavači dobijaju 8 a slušaoci 4 boda.

NAPOMENA: Molimo Vas da se, nekoliko dana ranije registujete preko linka radi lakše evidencije i tačnosti podataka


Teme sastanka: 

1. Istorijat ZC Kladovo. Bržogić Jugoslav

2. Ezofagealna anastomoza u Minimalno invazivnoj hirurgiji  Bjelovic Miloš

3.Obstructive left colon and upper rectal cancer – a critical reappraisal V.Surlin, M. Bica

4.Surgical and radiological characteristics in laparoscopic dissection of rectal cancer  Florin Grama, Sorin Stanilescu, Denis Aslan, Traean Burcos, Daniel Cristian

5. Hirurško lečenje perforacije karcinoma želuca. Nebojša Ignjatović, Goran Stanojević, Miroslav Stojanović,  Aleksandar Bogićević, Ivana Đorđević, Ivan Pešić, Bobana Milojković, Miodrag Đorđević, Biljana Stošić

6.Barijatrijska hirurgija Karadžić Borivoje

7.Surgical Treatment In Patients With Secondary Hyperparathyroidism and chronic kidney disease – our experience. Petru Radu, Mircea Bratucu, Dragos Garofil, Vlad Paic, Mihai Zurzu, Costin Pasnicu. Justin Bengulescu, Anca Tigora, Florian Popa, Victor Strambu

8. Angiodisplazija kolona Čučulanović Dejan

9.Hepatic surgery, initial experience and how to start up a new HBP center

CA Pirvu, CM Nica, RG Preda, Tibiana Negru, S Pantea

10. ERAS protokol for colorectal surgery -a need to change the practice.  Veličković Jelena



Dana 27. decembra 2019.godine,održaće se redovni sastanak Hirurške sekcije SLD u organizaciji KBC ”Dr Dragiša Mišović-Dedinje”

Sastanak će biti održan u hotelu ”Crowne Plaza” – ulica Vladimira Popovića 10, Beograd 11070

Okupljanje učesnika počinje u 9:00 sati, sastanak Predsedništva u 10 časova, otvaranje u 10:30 a stručni deo sastanka počinje u 11:00 sati.

Sastanak je akreditovan i predavači dobijaju 8 a slušaoci 4 boda.

1. Spontana perforacija jednjaka – zašto dijagnoza kasni?
D. Stojakov*, R. Ilić*, Z. Zagorac*, D. Radovanović*, M. Kalezić*, R. Kosanović*, S. Zatežić*, N. Ilić*, S. Marinković*, M. Ostojić*, A. Kostić*, M. Kostić*, M. Miličković**, Đ. Savić**, V. Đukić* – * KBC „Dr Dragiša Mišović – Dedinje“, Klinika za hirurgiju ** Institut za zdravstvenu zaštitu majke i deteta “Dr Vojkan Čupić”, Klinika za hirurgiju

2. Lateralni transabdominalni pristup kod laparoskopskih operacija nadbubrežnih žlezda – iskustva Klinike za hirurgiju KBC-a „Dr Dragiša Mišović – Dedinje“
Rastko Živić, Dragan Radovanović, Berislav Vekić, Dejan Radojevic, Predrag Savić, Miljan Milanović, Stefan Mitić, Vladimir Đukić
Klinika za hirurgiju, KBC „Dr Dragisa Mišović – Dedinje“, Medicinski Fakultet, Univerzitet u Beogradu, Srbija

3. Laparoskopska i otvorena hirurgija kolorektalnog karcinoma-evolucija tokom vremena
Miljan Milanović, Vladimir Đukić
KBC „Dr Dragiša Mišović – Dedinje“, Klinika za hirurgiju

4. Prvih 50 transplantacija jetre u Urgentnom centru KC Srbije – naša iskustva
Oluić B.1,4 Micić D.1,4Lončar Z.1,4 Kaljević G.1 Jovanović D.1 Milovanović T.3,4 Lalošević Stojkovic M.3,4 Ranković I.2 Selaković Z.1 Gregorić P.1,4 1 Urgentni Centar KCS, Klinika za urgentnu hirurgiju 2 Urgentni centar KCS, Kliniika za prijem i zbrinjavanje urgentnih internističkih stanja, Gastroenterologija 3 Klinika za GEH KCS,4 Medicinski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu

5.“Clamp Crashing” tehnika u poređenju sa radiofrekventnom tehnikom resekcije jetre
V. Dugalić, Knežević DJ, Pavlović I, Bogdanović M, Ignjatović I, Jagodić M, Knežević S
Klinika za digestivnu hirurgiju – Prva hirurška; Medicinski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu

6. Novi stavovi u hirurškom lečenju karcinoma pankreasa
Radenković D, Antic A, Pejovic I, Kmezic S, Lazic B, Aleksic L. Klinika za digestivnu hirurgiju – Prva hirurška KCS; Medicinski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu

7. Uloga radiologa u dijagnostici i praćenju cističnih lezija pankreasa
Kovač J. Centar za radiologiju i magnetnu rezonancu KCS; Medicinski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu

8. Analiza prediktora maligniteta folikulskih tumora štitaste žlezde.
Goran V. Zorić, Ivan R. Paunović, Aleksandar D. Diklić, Zoran M. Bukumirić, Nikola A. Slijepcević, Katarina M. Tausanović, Bozidar A. Odalović, Milan D. Jovanović, Vladan R. Zivaljević. Centar za endokrinu hirurgiju, Klinika za endokrinologiju, dijabetes i bolesti metabolizma, Klinički Centar Srbije, Beograd






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Dear colleagues and friends
On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the International Association of Surgeons Gastroenterologists and Oncologists (IASGO), we are delighted to invite you to join us at

The First Regional Meeting of IASGO in Belgrade


September 2019, 23-24.
Falkensteiner Hotel, Belgrade

With the support of the IASGO Leadership, Board and General Secretariat, Local Organizing Committee have developed what we believe is a good multidisciplinary scientific program for this first meeting dedicated to hepato-biliary-pancreatic diseases.

This high level program includes international experts from Asia, Europe and USA as well as professional leaders and senior experts from the region.

Clearly, this approach will lead to networking and cross-fertilization among experts from Serbia and the whole region, being at various stages of their careers and pursuing diverse interests to promote further collaborative
projects at an international level.

Strategic choice of most important topics and current challenges in HPB surgery, top experts from Europe and the world, eminent experts from the region, as well as interactive presentational forms should guarantee the
attractiveness of the Course, where we expect over 250 colleagues from the country and the region.
For more than three decades, friendship has been a key to carry out the mission of IASGO, which is Globalization of Medical Knowledge. This IASGO Meeting will be a great opportunity to benefit from dynamic professional exchange, meet old friends and make the new ones and enjoy beauty of Belgrade in early autumn.

Best regards,

Prof. dr Aleksandar Karamarković
Course Director



Published on 3. June 2019., in Nekategorizovano.

On June 28, 2019, the Symposium of Surgeons of the Republic of Serbia and Republika Srpska will be held with international participation. The meeting is traditionally held in Foča, Republika Srpska. The gathering of participants is the day before, on June 27 from 15.00 and the gala dinner is at 20, hours. The Symposium will be held at 10:00 am tomorrow! the next day, a social program is planned that supports rafting with the Tara River! Contact: 38765-803-735, 38765-931-593, 38765-614-066,38765-605-658, e-mail: bolnica@bolnicafoca.com, rmaricr@yahoo.com, nenad.lalovic@gmail.com. Click here for flajer  Brosura hirurzi komplet 2019 B. Professional program of meetings:

1. Mucinous tumors of apendix and pseudomycoomperitoneum. Dr Emir Pinjo, Oslo, Norway

2. Laparscopic repair of giant parasophageal hernias. Prof. Dr. Valeriu Surlin, Daniel Preda, Romania, County Clinical emergency Hospital of Craiova, University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova

3. Laparascopic resection of stomach cancer, Prof Dr Miloš Bjelović, Clinical Center Belgrade, Edema Center.

4. Laparoscopic colorectal resection – how to develop advanced laparoscopic technique in developing countries? Pro Dr. Samir Delibegović, Clinical Center Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Right Hemicolectomy – Limits and Radicality in the Light of Vascular Variations, S. Kmezic, L. Aleksic, A. Sekulic, V. Markovic, Z. Krivokapic, Inst. for Digestive Diseases – First Surgical Clinic, KCS

6. THD in the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease, Prof dr Goran Stanojević, Clinical Center Niš

7. Complications of pilorus preserving duodenopancreatectomy. Prof. Dr. Dejan Ivanov, Clinical Center of Vojvodina, Clinic for General, Abdominal and Endocrine Surgery

8. Nipple sparing mastectomy with primary implant reconstruction of two decades of experience of the Institute of Oncology of Vojvodina Prof. Dr. Zoran Radovanović, Clinical Center of Vojvodina, Institute of Oncology Sremska Kamenica, Novi Sad

9. Secondary breast reconstruction, Prof dr Siniša Kojić, Faculty of Medicine, Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina

10. Development and Perspective of Pneumical Surgery at the University Hospital Foča. Ass. Dr Velibor Simetić et al. University Hospital Foca, Center for Surgery.


Important announcment

Published on 27. May 2019., in Nekategorizovano.

Dear members of the Surgical section of SLD, we inform you that at the Presidency meeting held on May 21, 2019, a new leadership was elected. The new president is Prof. Dr. Srbislav Knezevic, First Surgical Clinic KCS, Vice President Prof. Dr. Mirosalav Stojanovic, KC Nis and Secretary General, Doc Dr. MIljan Ceranic, First Surgical Clinic KCS!

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